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FCC Affordable Connectivity Program

Income Based $30/Month Discount on Internet Service

Step 1) Enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program

Not every customer will qualify for the program. 

After you complete the application, you will be provided an application ID number. 

Write your application ID down, and use it to complete the form below.

FCC Provided Embedded Form. All information is sent directly to the FCC.


Step 2) Provide Us With Your FCC Application ID From Above

After filling out the form above, the FCC approves your admission into the program. Now to connect your billing account with us, to your FCC participation, we need the following information.

Connecting Us With The FCC (Only Complete Once you Have an Application ID)

Do not fill out this form unless you have received your ACP Application ID from the ACP. We cannot enroll you without a valid ACP Application ID. 

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