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Fixed Wireless vs Satellite, which is better?

Updated: May 31

The options are limited when it comes to internet service in suburban Arizona.

Fiber-optic or cable internet are available in most areas. LTE mobile broadband and DSL each have their own issues. If you live or work in suburban areas, the options often come down to satellite internet, fixed wireless internet, or cable.

Surely the above makes you wonder about a lot of things. How does fixed wireless internet work? Satellite vs. fixed wireless internet: which is better?

Below we will answer these and other frequently asked questions.

Is fixed wireless internet the same as satellite?

Short answer: no. However, they are similar in some ways. You can think of fixed wireless internet like satellite internet but much better.

Both satellite internet and fixed wireless require an antenna or dish, and both receive the internet signal wirelessly. That said, they have nothing else in common.

Fixed wireless Internet uses a smaller antenna than satellite, offers a connection speed comparable to fiber, and on top of all this, it is considerably cheaper than satellite Internet.

But there is more. Fixed wireless internet offers additional benefits that make it a better alternative for suburban communities.

Does the weather affect the service?

Compared to satellite internet, weather-related service disruption is minimal.

Unlike satellite internet, the land-based towers that transmit the signal to the fixed wireless internet antennas are usually nearby (about 10 miles). While this does not prevent adverse weather conditions from affecting connection speed, in very few cases, bad weather cause service interruption.

Does it have high latency?

Not at all. In fact, you can expect similar latency to fiber.

There is no doubt that the Achilles heel of satellite internet is its high latency. On average, you can expect a latency as high as 600 milliseconds when using satellite internet. This latency is to blame for the lag in video calls, gaming, and streaming.

On the other hand, fixed wireless internet offers latencies between 5 and 25 milliseconds. That's about 25 times less than satellite, making this type of connection ideal for VoIP, CCTV, gaming, and remote work.

Do you still have questions about fixed wireless internet? Contact us today, and our specialists will gladly answer all your questions.

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