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The path ahead, customer feedback. Spring 2023.

In mid-May, we reached out to our active customers via email, requesting their participation in a brief survey. Our intent was not only to hear their feedback but to use it as a blueprint for growth and evolution. We'd like to share the results and reveal our action plan for improvement based on these insights.

Abridged Results:

Quality and Reliability: 3.75 | Customer Service: 3.8 | Internet Speed: 3.5 | Recommendation Score: 4.5 | WiFi Coverage: 4.25

customer reviewing feedback results

Quality and Reliability: 3.75

This score reflects our 'last mile' reliability, i.e., from tower to house. Due to some issues with our primary vendor's firmware, we acknowledge that there's been a reliability shortfall. We've taken significant steps to enhance this score by the next survey. We're rolling out a considerable firmware update aimed at enhancing the uptime and connectivity of our customers' dishes, and we're also developing tools for better insights into the last mile network's state.

Customer Service: 3.8

Both our team and customers agree that our growth has superseded our standard M-F office hours. From the open-text responses, several customers expressed a desire for support during nights and weekends. We heard you, and we're exploring partnerships with companies that provide support answering services. Our priority is to ensure short wait times and accessible, comprehensible staff.

Internet Speed: 3.5

Upon reviewing this score with our team, we've identified several areas for improvement. Our team is continuously refining our router management platform, allowing us to implement WiFi changes and router software upgrades across our network. This proactive measure will be the first thing we check when a customer reports speed issues. Additionally, we aim to manage our last mile infrastructure load more effectively, minimizing oversubscription and ensuring more consistent speeds.

WiFi Coverage: 4.5

This score reflects well on our WiFi routers, and we're pleased with the results. We will continue to supply Mikrotik routers for the foreseeable future.

Recommend to Family and Friends: 4.25

We, like any other company, aim for a perfect score of 5 in this category. We view this metric as a reflection of all the other categories above. By improving each of these areas, we believe we can enhance this score and increase the likelihood of our customers recommending our growing company. In closing, we want to express our sincere appreciation to everyone who took part in our survey. Your feedback has provided us with invaluable insights that will shape our efforts towards delivering a superior service experience. As we navigate this journey of improvement, your ongoing support and belief in our company will fuel our progress.

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