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Our Speed Plans

No Contracts. Stable Pricing.

Unlimited Data Included With Every Plan



500 Mbps Download​

100-500 Upload

60 GB Game Download

in just 16 Minutes

"Perfect for gamers or those Downloading Large Files Regularly"



300 Mbps Download

25-300 Upload

Support 5+ people, streaming, gaming, and browsing

"Just the right amount of speed for large households with many connected devices"

"A seamless connection for everything from Gaming to Netflix"



200 Mbps Download

25-200 Upload

Streaming, Browsing, and Everything Else

WiFi Options


Standard WiFi Router

1500 SqFt



Premium Router

2500+ SqFt


Whole Home WiFi

3500+ SqFt


WiFi Options
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Family on Digital Tablet
Phone Operator

Minimize Outages

Our customers benefit from multiple paths to connect to our fiber infrastructure, resulting in reduced downtime and minimal service disruptions.

Friendly Customer Support

In the event of any service-related issues, we are equipped to assist you promptly through both phone and in-person support.

Digital Network Cables

High Speed

We leverage both the 5 GHz and 60 GHz frequency spectrums within our network to deliver internet speeds of up to 500 Mbps, far surpassing traditional cable services with upload speeds 10-30 times faster. This translates into an enhanced online learning and video conferencing experience, particularly with platforms like Zoom.

Low Latency

The use of advanced network protocols and equipment further enhances the efficiency of our network, contributing to the delivery of a seamless user experience with lightning-fast speeds and exceptionally low latency.

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