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A small company with big aspirations.
Striving to bring you the best internet Arizona has to offer.

We always offer you our best price.

Life can be full of surprises, but your internet price shouldn't be one of them.

We don't have contracts or surprise price hikes. In fact, our price per Mbps has decreased since we launched in 2017.

We offer quality internet. That's what we do best and what we'll stick to.

No confusing bundles with products that you don't need. Just choose from 3 simple plans and change anytime.

We like to keep things simple.

Getting the help you need should never be stressful or difficult.

We are dedicated to providing personable and attentive customer service. We are here for you.

We are willing to go above & beyond.

Our customer service experience

We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service through our expert technicians and customer care team. Our team ensures professional installations and addresses all customer issues promptly.


The high-performance routers used by Arizona Network are both fast and secure, reflecting our commitment to bringing you the best internet service possible. Rest assured, when things aren't functioning as they should, we'll go above and beyond to serve you.

Friendly customer service agent quickly helps solve issues.

Our 30 day satisfaction guarantee

We are confident in the quality of our service and stand by it wholeheartedly. If you encounter any issues following installation, our team will promptly address and resolve them.


If we can't make things right within the first 30 days of service, we will refund your entire installation fee and first month of service, upholding our commitment to your satisfaction.


Hours of operation

Monday - Friday

8 am - 5 pm MST


Signing Up Just Takes A Few Minutes

Welcome to the Arizona Network Family!

Congratulations! Here's what happens next:

  1. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment via email.

  2. A DocuSign link to complete your signup and provide billing information will also be sent.

  3. Our technicians will arrive at your scheduled time to set up your service. | 480-582-173

Select a convenient time for your installation appointment. Our team will confirm shortly.

How can we reach you? Please enter your phone number and email.

Hi! We just need your first and last name to set up your account.

Your router affects the WiFi signal strength throughout your home. Select one to match your needs.

Great news! We can service this address. Choose your preferred internet speed.

First, let's check your address for coverage.

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