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Join our Business Partnership Program

Apply for the program today!
Or a refer a local business.

Think your business would be a good fit for Arizona Network's Business Partnership Program? Or know a business you think would want to participate?

Fill out the information form and we will reach out to discuss your eligibility.

We look forward to working with you!


Hours of operation

Monday - Friday

8 am - 5 pm MST

Benefits the program offers your business

 Free 1 GB internet service
and a high-performance router

Access to network planning services to create the optimal internet experience for your employees and customers

An attentive, personable, and transparent customer service team that is committed to quickly resolving issues

Participation requirements

Meet Blaine

  • Arizona Network customer since 2021

  • Business Partnership Program member

Arizona Network is efficient, consistent, and reliable. That alone is 95% of what any business would want from a service provider. 

Operate a high-traffic business in Phoenix

We love working with places like restaurants, medical offices, and salons!




Be willing to switch your business' internet provider

You will get complimentary service and installation.

Help us spread the word

Allow us to place branded materials on premises, like a small sign and business cards.

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